Total Triage System Announcement

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We are excited to introduce a new Total Triage model starting June 2024, using eConsult to enhance our appointment system. This change, recommended by NHS England, aims to improve care accessibility and quality for our patients.

What is Total Triage and Why Implement It?

– Total Triage: All appointment requests are reviewed by our GPs to determine the best care approach, timeframe, and method (e.g., phone or face-to-face).

– Implementation: Rising appointment demand requires efficient capacity management to maintain safety and satisfaction. Patients will start by submitting an eConsult online, or, if calling, our reception staff will help complete an eConsult ‘Lite’ form.

Benefits of Total Triage

– Improved Access: Reduces waiting times and prioritizes urgent cases.

– Convenience: Engage with us from home using the NHS App for eConsults, medication requests, and more.

– Enhanced Experience: Ensures timely, appropriate care from the best-suited healthcare professional.

– Innovation: Keeps us at the forefront of healthcare technology.

– Equity of Care: Ensures all urgent queries are prioritized, especially for vulnerable patients.

Support for Using the New System

– Reception Support: Assistance with eConsult ‘Lite’ forms over the phone.

– Language Support: Help with interpreters available.

– Special Needs: Assistance for elderly, housebound, or disabled patients; urgent queries handled by the duty doctor.

What is eConsult ‘Lite’?

A brief set of questions asked by reception to gather necessary information for triage:

– How can we help?

– When did the problem start?

– What have you tried already?

– Is there anyone specific you would like help from?

After Submitting the Form

– Clinical Queries: Screened by a GP; response within 24 hours with advice, redirection, or an appointment.

– Urgent Cases: Handled on the same day by the triaging GP or duty doctor.

Prescription Requests

– Repeat Prescriptions: Via NHS App or nominated pharmacy.

– Prescription Queries: Submitted via eConsult; handled within 72 hours.

Accessing eConsult

– Online Submission: Available on our website from 7:30 AM, Monday-Friday, closing at 12 PM or earlier based on capacity.

Response Times

– Clinical Queries: Within 24 hours.

– Administrative Queries: Within 72 hours.

Feedback on eConsult

– The system is recommended by our Integrated Care Board. We continue to seek improvements based on patient feedback.

We are here to support you through this transition. For any questions or concerns, please contact us. Your feedback is essential as we enhance our services.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.