Introducing eConsult: Your Main Route for Accessing Help or Appointments

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We are excited to introduce eConsult as the primary way for our patients to access help or schedule appointments. This high-quality, safe, and reliable online platform is available directly on our practice website.

Our patients have been successfully using the eConsult system to contact the practice, ask questions, and seek appointments. Through patient consultation events, we have listened to your concerns and explained how this platform will make accessing appropriate services easier.

Although many patients currently make appointments by telephone, more are now completing online consultation forms on our website. We have a dedicated daily triage team of doctors and other clinicians who review these submissions and aim to respond as soon as possible, with the end of the next working day as the absolute deadline.

Starting from 19th June, we will launch the next phase of eConsult. Our trained practice reception team will assist patients in completing an eConsult if needed. If appropriate, the receptionist will ask a few questions and submit an eConsult on your behalf.

Benefits of eConsult:

– Convenience: Easy and accessible for patients

– Quick Response: Faster response times when using digital.

– Improved Access: Better access to services and less pressure on phone lines.

– Prioritised Care: Patients are seen based on clinical need.

– Efficient Use of Resources: Better allocation of practice staff and time.

– Reduced Wait Times: Shorter appointment wait times.

– No Missed Appointments: Decreases in ‘Did Not Attend’ (DNA) rates.

We look forward to providing you with improved and more efficient service through eConsult.

Operations Team – Millway Medical Practice