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Buddy Group System

What is it?

The buddy system consists of 3 groups of doctors; each team looks after the patients within that group if one of the members is absent for example during annual leave.

How do you know which group you are in?

Every patient has a usual GP or has been allocated a named GP. The buddy system is based on who the usual GP is and which team they belong to. For example if your usual GP is Dr Hall then you belong to the Green Team and can be cared for in Dr Hall’s absence by Dr’s Patel, Grattan and/or Sharland. These groups meet regularly and any concerns can then be passed on to your usual GP, if necessary when they return. The doctors within the groups work closely together. The buddy group system ensures you still get continuity of care by a dedicated team even if your usual GP is not available on that day.

Below are the buddy groups, defined by colours.

Red Buddy GroupGreen Buddy GroupBlue Buddy Group
Dr J. PeterDr S. HallDr D. Amasanti-DeBono
Dr S. ShelleyDr K. PatelDr T. Thiruudian
Dr C. PorterDr A. GrattanDr N. Dattani
Dr N. PatelDr A. SharlandDr J. Noimark
Dr A. Shah

Please note that from time to time we move patients around from an administrative point to manage workload of doctors. This does not prevent you seeing your usual GP, if you would like to change your Usual GP please contact reception.